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Main Development Pipelines

As of Sept, 2020

Product code Target Indication Dosage Form Development region Current Phase
M1210 The correction of ingrown nails with the combined use of nail braces Topical JP PⅢ
M1220 Papulopustular rosacea and facial erythema of rosacea Topical JP PⅢ
M5120B Superficial skin infection Topical JP PⅢ
M5220B Recurrent herpes simplex Oral JP PⅢ
M5250 Pruritus with atopic dermatitis Injection JP PⅢ
M5250B Prurigo nodularis Injection JP PⅢ
M6060 Axillary hyperhidrosis Topical JP PⅢ
M7040B Scalp eczema dermatitis Topical JP PⅢ

※This table is based on non-consolidated data from Maruho Co., Ltd.

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