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Company Founder:Eikuma Koba
Company Founder:
Eikuma Koba

Eikuma Koba signed an agreement with Mulford Laboratories in the US, founding Maruho Shoten in the Doshomachi area of Osaka


Maruho Shoten(1920)

Maruho Shoten became a limited partnership


Contract signed with DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH, a German pharmaceutical manufacturer, making Maruho exclusive distributor in Japan


Name changed to Maruho Shoten Co., Ltd.


Maruho was merged with Wakyo Pharmaceuticals by government order


Jiro Takagi

Maruho Shoten Co., Ltd. re-established on October 13


Import / marketing contract with Luitpold-Werk Chemischpharmazeutische Fabrik


Oyodo Research Laboratories set up (active until 1972)

Oyodo Plant completed (active until 1967)


Current name adopted: Maruho Co., Ltd.


Shin-Oyodo Plant completed (active until 1972)


Hikone Plant completed.
Hikone Plant completed.

Hikone Plant completed, Shin-Oyodo Plant renovated and became Oyodo Research Laboratories(active until 1998)


Munich Representative Office established(active until 2006)


Head office moved to the current location in Osaka


Drug Development Laboratories
Drug Development

Established Central Research and Development Laboratories (the current Kyoto R&D Center Drug Development Laboratories) in Kyoto, to include all Maruho laboratories


Announced Long-Term Vision 2002, "Global Boutique Company for Dermatology"

Established Maruho UK Office in Edinburgh (active until 2003)


Drug Discovery Research Laboratories
Drug Discovery Research

Established Drug Discovery Research Laboratories at the Kyoto R&D Center

Opened London Office (active until 2012)


Opened Düsseldorf Representative Office (active until 2013)


Opened Tokyo Development Office

Opened New York Office(active until 2011)


Nagahama Plant completed


Announced Long-Term Vision 2011, "Excellence in Dermatology"

Established Maruho North America Inc. (MNAI) as a wholly owned subsidiary (active until 2015)


Acquired Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc. (Cutanea) in the US as a wholly owned subsidiary

Established Maruho Europe Ltd. (MEL) as a wholly owned subsidiary (active until 2015)


Established Maruho Deutschland GmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary

Acquired Maruho Hatsujyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary through share acquisition


Established Tateyama Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary


Integrated MNAI into Cutanea (active until 2019)


Established the Maruho Takagi Dermatology Foundation. (From August it was certified as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation by the Japanese Government)


Established Maruho America Inc. (MAI) as a wholly owned subsidiary

Established Maruho Shonan Innovation Lab (MSiL) as a New Research Base


Acquired Roman Industries Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary through share acquisition

Major Products

1951-1977 Agent for asthma Asthmolysin
1953-2017 Anti-hemorrhoidal preparation Posterisan
1954-2001 Non-specific desensitizing agent Paspat Percutaneous Injection
1954- Anticoagulant and blood circulation promotion agent Hirudoid
1957-1994 Asthmolysin Capsules, additional formulation of Asthmolysin
1959-2003 High-potency multiple digestive enzyme preparation Combizym
1960-2001 Non-specific desensitizing agent Paspat Intracutaneous Injection
1962- Agent for dermal disease Eksalb
1965- Posterisan forte Ointment , additional formulation of Posterisan
1968-2002 Asthmolysin Suppository, additional formulation of Asthmolysin
1968-2006 Transdermal multiple anti-inflammatory Mobilat Ointment
1984-1993 Articular cartilage protective agent Arteparon
1986- Topical cortical hormone Voalla Ointment and Voalla Cream
1987-2000 Disposable dermal trephine Dispopunch
1988-2008 Anti-inflammatory/fever-reducing analgesic Minalfen Tablets
1990- Additional indication of asteatosis approved for Hirudoid; efficacy classification changed to "blood-flow accelerative/skin-moisturizing agent"
1992-2006 Recombinant interferon gamma Biogamma Injection 200
1996- Hirudoid Soft, additional formulation of Hirudoid
1996-2017 Joint function improving agent Hyalos
1996- Posterisan F Suppository, additional formulation of Posterisan
1998-2017 Transdermal therapeutic system bronchodilator Hokunalin Tape
1999- Non-chemical debriding agent Bromelain Ointment
2000- Anti-virus agent Casal Cream
2000-2014 Natural skincare series 2e
2001- Hirudoid Lotion, additional formulation of Hirudoid
Agent for keratosis such as psoriasis vulgaris Oxarol Ointment
2005- Oral penem antibiotic Farom Tablets and Farom Dry Syrup for Pediatric Use
2006- Anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) STROMECTOL Tablets
Oral allylamine antifungal agent Nedoril Tablets
2007- Local anesthetic patch Penles
Oxarol Lotion, additional formulation of Oxarol
2008- Agent for pressure ulcers/skin ulcers Iodocoat Ointment
Anti-herpes virus agent Famvir Tablets
Additional indication of palmoplantar pustulosis for Oxarol formulations
Succeeded marketing approval for Farom Tablets and Farom Dry Syrup for Pediatric Use
2009- Succeeded marketing approval for Antifungal agents Astat Cream, Astat Solution, and Astat Ointment
2010- Pressure ulcers/skin ulcers treatment Actosin Ointment
2011- Farom Dry Syrup for Pediatric Use Additional 0.5g sachet
2011-2014 Natural skincare series for infants 2e Baby Plus
2012- Additional indication of pain following removal of molluscum contagiosum approved for Penles Tape
2013- Additional indication of herpes simplex approved for Famvir Tablets
Additional indication of pain relief in laser irradiation treatment of the skin for Penles Tape
2014- Anti-atopic dermatitis agent Protopic Ointment 0.1% and Protopic Ointment 0.03% for Pediatric Use (2011.4-2014.3 Sales promotion olny)
Skincare series iniks
2015- Human anti-human IL-17A monoclonal antibody Cosentyx
Acne vulgaris treatment agent BEPIO Gel
2016- Quinolone anti-microbial topical treatment Zebiax Lotion Agent for psoriasis vulgaris Marduox Ointment
Acne vulgaris treatment agent Differin Gel
Infantile hemangioma treatment Hemangiol Syrup for Pediatric
Acne vulgaris treatment agent Epiduo Gel
2017- Skincare iniks UV Protection and iniks skincare kit
Topical scalp psoriasis treatment Comclo Shampoo
Succeeded marketing approval for Epiduo Gel
Anti-herpes virus agent Amenalief Tablets
Succeeded marketing approval for Protopic Ointment
2018- in vitro diagnostic DermaQuick VZV
skincare iniks skincare trinity kit and Cleansing Emulsion
Succeeded marketing approval for Reduction of Malodor Generated in Cancerous Cutaneous Ulcers Treatment Rozex Gel
Blood-flow accelerative/skin-moisturizing agent Hirudoid Foam
Succeeded marketing approval for Differin Gel
2019- Additional Dosage and Administration of Recurrent Herpes Simplex for Famvir Tablets
Device for pincer nails Makizume Meister
Succeeded marketing approval for Oxarol Ointment and Oxarol Lotion
Succeeded marketing approval for Marduox Ointment
2020 Skincare iniks liquid foundation
Transfer/Acquisition of device for pincer nails Makizume Meister business

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