Corporate Philosophy and Vision

Corporate Philosophy

Maruho’ s history began with its founder, Eikuma Koba, who had a long-cherished desire to “Contribute to society through medicine.”
For over 100 years since our founding, we have developed various businesses, focusing mainly on prescription drugs.
In October 2022, we renewed our Corporate Philosophy in a way that involved all employees as a compass to guide us confidently into the future.

“More smiles, brighter life for you.” is our Mission, and we have established five standards of behavior to be practiced as Values to realize the Mission, which will become Maruho’ s new unifying and driving force.

Mission & 5 Values


More smiles, brighter life for you.
Maruho is always searching for
what brings your personal happiness.
By listening to you and
appreciating every moment of life,
we will seek the truth that makes you smile.Key visual


Be genuine
Notice the signs
Grow your curiosity and change the world
Exceed your limits
Inspire each other
These five values are the standards of behavior that each one of us should uphold in order to realize our Mission.

Mission Movie “More smiles, brighter life for you.”(3’34”)

Long-Term Vision 2011
Excellence in Dermatology

In October 2011, Maruho announced its Long-Term Vision 2011 with the theme "Excellence in Dermatology," a theme representing our dedicated contribution to progress in the field of dermatology. Maruho will continue to improve the dermatological health of people around the world in line with our key phrases: Dermatological Network, Innovative Concepts, Universal Medications with Excellent Value, and Global Business.

Maruho will build a network of patients, medical professionals and researchers to collect dermatological information from around the world and promote the sharing of related knowledge and research.
Global Business
Maruho will contribute globally to dermatology by collecting new knowledge and research from around the world and integrating it into high-valued-added products that are based on Innovative Concepts and supplemented by useful information.
Maruho will analyze and utilize information collected via its Dermatological Network to develop concepts that will revolutionize the dermatological care cycle, then use internal and external resources to bring these concepts to fruition.
Universal Medications
with Excellent Value
Maruho will add still greater value to all of its products by ensuring their excellent efficacy, safety, quality and usability, and also provide proper supplemental medical information that instills dermatologists with confidence in our products.