Corporate Philosophy and Vision

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Credo

Pursuit of Truth
Our philosophy and fundamental way of thinking
Understanding the way things actually are, and envisioning the way they should be

Basic Management Policy

Using the common platform of Maruho,
we will pursue Truth as individuals, employees, and members of society
The standard for determining our day-to-day actions

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to contribute to better health for people all over the world.
A single shared cause that drives us to work together as a team at Maruho.
Contributing to society is our overall mission
We place our contributions in this important factor of society
High quality
We strive to always increase the quality of our contributions

Long-Term Vision 2011
Excellence in Dermatology

In October 2011, Maruho announced its Long-Term Vision 2011 with the theme "Excellence in Dermatology," a theme representing our dedicated contribution to progress in the field of dermatology. Maruho will continue to improve the dermatological health of people around the world in line with our key phrases: Dermatological Network, Innovative Concepts, Universal Medications with Excellent Value, and Global Business.

Maruho will build a network of patients, medical professionals and researchers to collect dermatological information from around the world and promote the sharing of related knowledge and research.
Global Business
Maruho will contribute globally to dermatology by collecting new knowledge and research from around the world and integrating it into high-valued-added products that are based on Innovative Concepts and supplemented by useful information.
Maruho will analyze and utilize information collected via its Dermatological Network to develop concepts that will revolutionize the dermatological care cycle, then use internal and external resources to bring these concepts to fruition.
Universal Medications
with Excellent Value
Maruho will add still greater value to all of its products by ensuring their excellent efficacy, safety, quality and usability, and also provide proper supplemental medical information that instills dermatologists with confidence in our products.

Corporate Logo

This logo is based on Maruho's corporate philosophy and represents the enthusiasm to realize our visions.

Maruho BlueOur clear-sighted and progressive mindset
Maruho Blue, one of our corporate colors, represents our clear-sighted and progressive mindset, along with our attitude of delving deeply into the essence of things in the “Pursuit of Truth.”
Maruho OrangeOur passion and vitality
Maruho Orange, our other corporate color, expresses the passion and vitality with which we strive to fulfill our corporate mission as well as our long-term vision, which serves as a milestone on the way to fulfilling that mission.
Three CirclesIndividuals, employees and members of society
The three circles in our corporate logo represent our status as individuals, employees, and members of society, the status set forth in our Basic Management Policy. At the same time, the circles symbolize individuals, the company, and society as targets of our services.
Lower-case letters in a rounded, friendly-looking fontSincere communication and the trust and peace of mind created from that sincerity
The rounded, friendly-looking font and lower-case letters used in our company logo represent the sense of trust and dependability built on friendly communication that we hope to maintain in our activities, both inside and outside of the company.