More smiles,
brighter life for you.- To achieve well-being,
we will continue to appreciate
every moment of life -

Atsushi Sugita
Representative Director , President & CEO
杉田 淳

Maruho has contributed to people's health and better living
for over 100 years since its founding in 1915.
Currently, as a pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology,
we are developing business activities aimed at improving the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients.

My name is Atsushi Sugita and I was appointed Representative Director, President & CEO of Maruho in December 2020.

Today, Maruho has a solid presence as a pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology, engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality pharmaceuticals, and contributing to society.
Through active collaboration and partnerships with our Group companies both in Japan and overseas, Maruho provides appropriate solutions to diverse dermatological needs in a wider range of fields such as diagnostic drugs, medical devices, and self-care.
In particular, we have maintained over 70 years of partnership with Maruho Hatsujyo Kogyo Co., Ltd., and have implemented initiatives leveraging the strengths of the two companies.
We, the Maruho Group, will continue to work for healthy growth and increased corporate value.

To demonstrate both internally and externally that we will contribute to better health for people in the future, we renewed our Corporate Philosophy in October 2022.

Mission & 5 Values

In a rapidly changing world, we will continue to ask ourselves what contributions Maruho can make now and will use this renewal of our Corporate Philosophy as an opportunity to pursue further growth. With the new Corporate Philosophy as our unifying and driving force, we will work together with our stakeholders both inside and outside the Company to realize the newly defined mission, “More smiles, brighter life for you.”

Mission Movie “More smiles, brighter life for you.”

Aiming to achieve further development and contribution to society as a leading company in dermatology, Maruho is committed to making company-wide efforts to steadily implement the strategies and measures set in the Fourth Medium-Term Plan.

Furthermore, in order to satisfy the diversifying needs of patients, it is necessary to pay more attention than ever to the feelings and concerns of each patient. Our goal is to increase the “smiles” of patients who are filled with joy at being able to live their normal lives after their symptoms have improved. Imagining such smiling faces, under the new corporate philosophy, we will strive to create technical and medical innovations and build a corporate group capable of responding to society’s expectations. I sincerely ask our stakeholders for their continued support.