Product List

(As of October 2023)

Maruho offers products specializing in dermatology to a wide range of patients.

Prescription Drugs

Therapeutic Category Product Name (Abbreviated) Non-Proprietary Name Year Launched *
Acne vulgaris treatment agent BEPIO Gel Benzoyl peroxide 2015
BEPIO Lotion 2023
Epiduo Gel Adapalene/Benzoyl peroxide 2016
Differin Gel Adapalene 2016
Treatment Agent for Pincer Nails Renail Gel Acetylcysteine 2023
Anti-herpes virus agent Amenalief Tablets Amenamevir 2017
Famvir Tablets Famciclovir 2008
Human anti-human IL-31 receptor A monoclonal antibody Mitchga Syringes Nemolizumab (genetical recombination) 2022
Reduction of malodor generated in cancerous cutaneous ulcers/rosacea treatment agent Rozex Gel Metronidazole 2018
Primary axillary hyperhidrosis treatment agent Rapifort Wipes Glycopyrronium tosilate hydrate 2022
Quinolone anti-microbial topical agent Zebiax Lotion Ozenoxacin 2016
Zebiax Oily Cream 2021
Blood-flow accelerative/
skin-moisturizing agent
Hirudoid Cream Heparinoid 1954
Hirudoid Soft Ointment 1996
Hirudoid Lotion 2001
Hirudoid Foam 2018
Topical scalp psoriasis treatment Comclo Shampoo Clobetasol propionate 2017
Human anti-human IL-17A monoclonal antibody Cosentyx for s.c. injection 150mg syringe Secukinumab (genetical recombination) 2015
Cosentyx for s.c. injection 150mg pen 2016
Infantile hemangioma treatment agent Hemangiol Syrup for Pediatric Propranolol hydrochloride 2016
Psoriasis vulgaris treatment agent Marduox Ointment Maxacalcitol/Betamethasone butyrate propionate 2016
Atopic dermatitis treatment agent Protopic Ointment Tacrolimus hydrate 2014
Protopic Ointment for Pediatric 2014
Treatment agent for pressure ulcers/skin ulcers Actosin Ointment Bucladesine sodium 2010
Antifungal agent Astat Cream Lanoconazole 2009
Astat Solution 2009
Astat Ointment 2009
Treatment agent for keratosis including psoriasis vulgaris Oxarol Ointment Maxacalcitol 2001
Oxarol Lotion 2007
Local anesthetic patch Penles Tape Lidocaine 2007
Anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) agent STROMECTOL Tablets Ivermectin 2006
Oral penem antibiotic Farom Tablets Faropenem sodium hydrate 2005
Farom Dry Syrup for Pediatric 2005
Non-chemical debriding agent Bromelain Ointment Bromelain 1999
Anti-inflammatory and blood-flow accelerating agent Hirudoid Gel Heparinoid 1988
Topical cortical hormone agent Voalla Ointment Dexamethasone valerate 1986
Voalla Cream 1986
Hemorrhoids treatment agent Posterisan Forte (Ointment) Killed escherichia coli suspension/Hydrocortisone 1965
Topical dermal disease treatment agent Eksalb Mixed killed bacterial suspension 1962
Anti-allergy agent Olopatadine Hydrochloride OD Film (Maruho) Olopatadine hydrochloride 2012
Oral allylamine antifungal agent Terbinafine Tablets (Takata) Terbinafine hydrochloride 2006
Anti-virus agent Vidarabine Cream (Maruho) Vidarabine 2000
*Year launched by Maruho

Products Other than Prescription Drugs

In-vitro Diagnostic Pharmaceuticals

Herpes simplex virus kit DermaQuick HSV
Tinea unguium antigen kit DermaQuick tinea unguium
Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal antigen kit MLine StrepA
Adenovirus kit MLine Adeno
Varicella-zoster virus antigen kit DermaQuick VZV
Device for pincer nails MAKIZUME MEISTER
Sterilized skin punch device Dermapunch

Cosmetics, Quasi-drugs

Sensitive Sensitive deep moist lotion (Medicated)
Sensitive deep moist milk (Medicated)
Sencitive sealed barrier oil cream
AC Moist AC moist clear lotion (Medicated)
AC moist clear milk (Medicated)
Advanced Barrier Advanced barrier lotion
Advanced barrier serum
Advanced barrier cream
Advance barrier day essence
Makeup remover Cleansing emulsion
Facial wash Creamy foam
Sunscreen for face UV protection
Foundation Liquid foundation 10: Light ocre
20: Ocre