Maruho Corporate Conduct Charter

The mission of Maruho Co., Ltd. and group company specified by Maruho’s Board of Directors as performing some functions of Maruho Co., Ltd., (see Attachment) is to aim at realizing our mission(“More smiles, brighter life for you.”) Each and every director, officer and employee conducts business activities with the values(“Be genuine”, “Notice the signs”, “Grow your curiosity and change the world”, “Exceed your limits”, and “Inspire each other”) as guiding principles to help us achieve our mission. For that purpose, whether within or outside of Japan, we shall comply with both the letter of and the spirit of all applicable laws and international regulations, and conduct ourselves as social responsibilities as described below, on the basis of high corporate ethics predicated on the dignity of life:

1. Conduct as a Pharmaceutical Company

  • ・We shall actively and continuously conduct research and development of innovative pharmaceuticals that contribute to the advancement of healthcare, and provide a stable supply of pharmaceuticals of superior efficacy, safety and quality. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting patient participation medical care.
  • ・We shall conduct clinical trials in cooperation with medical organizations, with the utmost respect for the human rights of the subjects. In addition, in the implementation of such trials, care shall always be taken to ensure safety and scientific exactitude.
    We shall perform animal studies that are necessary as non-clinical trials scientifically and ethically, with full consideration given to the welfare of the animals. In marketing approval applications, we shall handle data appropriately, based on relevant laws and regulations, internal rules and scientific validity, and shall ensure the reliability of these applications.
  • ・We shall unerringly provide scientifically-supported domestic and foreign information regarding effectiveness, safety and quality in order to ensure proper use of pharmaceutical products, and shall also promptly collect, evaluate and disseminate information after marketing the products.
  • ・We shall earn satisfaction and trust by maintaining sincere communications with healthcare professionals and patients.
  • ・Through fair and free competition, we shall conduct proper transactions and logistics, as well as procurement in a responsible manner. In addition, we shall maintain sound, fair and transparent relationships with healthcare practitioners, governments and public administrations.
  • ・We shall exercise good faith in our dealings with business partners and others, and shall conduct our business activities with a spirit of integrity and fairness.
  • ・We shall pay careful attention to the proper protection of various information, including individual information and customer information, and shall establish and maintain a well-thought out management system.
  • ・We shall disclose corporate information in a timely, appropriate, and easy-to-understand manner, and engage in constructive dialogue with stakeholders to improve our corporate value.
  • ・We shall ensure a rewarding and productive workplace environment where the diversity, personalities and individuality of employees are respected and attention is paid to health and safety. In addition, in our development of our personnel, we shall support the career development and skill development of our employees and shall strive to improve the sense of ethics and qualifications of our employees as befitting employees of a pharmaceutical company.

2. Conduct as a Corporate Citizen

  • ・As a good corporate citizen, we shall promote social contribution activities and strive for harmony and communication with local societies.
  • ・We shall conduct our business respecting the human rights of all people involved.
  • ・We shall take the initiative on environmental issues and contribute toward the realization of a society that co-exists with nature.
  • ・We shall thoroughly implement systematic crisis management in preparation for the actions of anti-social forces, terrorism, cyberattacks, natural disasters, pandemics, etc. that threaten the lives of citizens and corporate activities.

3. Conduct as an Executive

  • ・An executive shall clarify the code of conduct based on the spirit of this charter, take the initiative him/herself and establish systems in order to thoroughly disseminate this throughout their own company and group companies. In addition, an executive shall promote such efforts to business partners.
    In addition, we shall constantly listen to the opinions of people both inside and outside the company and build effective governance.
  • ・In the event of a situation that results in the loses of public trust, management shall takes the initiative in resolving the problem, investigate the cause to prevent recurrence, fulfill its responsibilities and restore trust.


A group company that performs some functions of Maruho Co., Ltd.

  • ・Tateyama Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.
  • ・Roman Industries Co., Ltd.
  • ・Maruho Deutschland GmbH
  • ・Maruho America Inc.
  • ・Maruho Medical, Inc.