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Social Contributions

Medical Prizes

Master of Dermatology (Maruho)

Maruho established this prize in 2010 to recognize dermatologists who have made outstanding achievements in clinical dermatology and contributed to the development of the field of clinical dermatology in Japan. From 2017, the prize was renamed “Master of Dermatology (Maruho)” and jointly operated with the Japanese Dermatological Association. The Japanese Dermatological Association receives applications for the prize. Candidates are selected by the Association’s selection committee based on the criteria of people who have made a great contribution to the development of dermatology in Japan through clinical, dermatological research, human resources development, social contributions, etc. The prize winner will be selected at the Association’s executive board meeting and is planned to be announced at an award ceremony and lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Dermatological Association.

Galderma-Maruho Research Award

Maruho inherited the “Galderma Award”, established by Galderma to support upcoming researchers and open to fundamental and clinical research papers related to dermatology. The name of the award changed to the Galderma-Maruho Research Award and from 2017 it is operated by Maruho.

For more information about the Galderma Prize, please visit this website (Japanese)
For more information about the Galderma-Maruho Prize, please visit this website (Japanese)

Takagi Award

The Takagi Award – “For a brighter, near future in clinical dermatology” is a medical award created by the “Maruho Takagi Dermatology Foundation”, founded in 2016. The aim of the award is to contribute to the improvement of dermatology in Japan by subsidizing a wide range of research that is expected to be applied clinically, (including epidemiological surveys) and research that clarifies the pathology and leads to the prevention and treatment of skin diseases.

For more information about the Takagi Award, please visit the website of the “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Maruho Takagi Dermatology Foundation” (Japanese)

Previous Activities

Cultural Works

As one of our social contributions, Maruho has actively engaged in archiving the knowledge that surrounds the company in society. One example is the continuous support of creations and publications of haiku poetry.
From 1994 to 2014, Maruho periodically published the haiku digest "Haidansho" with edited contributions from hundreds of haiku groups in Japan.
Maruho's cultural works are presented in the following Japanese content.

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