• Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

This logo is based on Maruho's corporate philosophy and represents the enthusiasm to realize our visions.

maruho logomark
Maruho Blue

Maruho Blue, one of our corporate colors, represents our clear-sighted and progressive mindset, along with our attitude of delving deeply into the essence of things in the “Pursuit of Truth.”

Maruho Orange

Maruho Orange, our other corporate color, expresses the passion and vitality with which we strive to fulfill our corporate mission as well as our long-term vision, which serves as a milestone on the way to fulfilling that mission.

Three Circles

The three circles in our corporate logo represent our status as individuals, employees, and members of society, the status set forth in our Basic Management Policy. At the same time, the circles symbolize individuals, the company, and society as targets of our services.

Lower-case Letters in a Rounded, Friendly-looking Font

The rounded, friendly-looking font and lower-case letters used in our company logo represent the sense of trust and dependability built on friendly communication that we hope to maintain in our activities, both inside and outside of the company.

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