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Enhancing Advanced Quality Control and Ensuring a Stable Product Supply System

Leading Japan in Prescription Topical Drug Production

Since pharmaceuticals have a direct impact on people’s health, our manufacturing systems must ensure advanced quality control and a stable product supply.

Integrated Production from Start to Finish

In order to ensure a stable product supply, Maruho’s Nagahama Plant manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIs) for our main products, then Hikone Plant completes the rest of the processes including drug formulation and packaging/labeling. Additionally, Tateyama Pharmaceutical Factory (a Maruho subsidiary) was newly established to enhance the stable product supply system.

Top-Level Producer of Prescription Topical Drugs in Japan

Hikone Plant boasts a top level output of prescription topical drugs in Japan. Aiming to supply Maruho products to people all over the world, Hikone Plant is working to establish management systems to cover every aspect of production including advanced quality control, production technologies and human resource development.

Meeting International Standards

In addition to complying with Japanese Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations, Maruho has introduced rigorous quality and production control systems covering all stages of manufacturing to ensure the high quality of our pharmaceuticals. All of this is enabled by Maruho’s original technologies and expertise in topical drug formulation and production, as well as our thorough employee training programs.
Maruho is consolidating its own system to comply with various global quality standards. For example, we have introduced an effective quality management system - our Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS) - that reinforces the governance of our contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) in Japan and overseas.

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

We regularly hold meetings to promote the ongoing reduction of our power consumption. To reduce our environmental impact, we are seeking optimal materials for containers and packaging. Hikone Plant has actively maintained ISO 14001 certification since 2001, and with the introduction of a Sodium-Sulfur battery (NAS battery), we are working on activities to further minimize our environmental footprint.

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