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Product List

Prescription Drugs

Therapeutic Category Name Product Name
Blood-flow accelerative/skin-moisturizing agent Hirudoid Cream 0.3%
Hirudoid Soft Ointment 0.3%
Hirudoid Lotion 0.3%
Hirudoid Foam 0.3%
Atopic dermatitis treatment agent Protopic Ointment 0.1%
Protopic Ointment 0.03% for Pediatric
Topical cortical hormone agent Voalla Ointment 0.12%
Voalla Cream 0.12%
Topical dermal disease treatment agent Eksalb
Non-chemical debriding agent Bromelain Ointment 50,000 BU/g
Treatment agent for pressure ulcers/skin ulcers Actosin Ointment 3%
Reduction of Malodor Generated in Cancerous Cutaneous Ulcers Treatment Rozex Gel
Treatment agent for keratosis including psoriasis vulgaris Oxarol Ointment 25µg/g
Oxarol Lotion 25µg/g
Psoriasis vulgaris treatment agent Marduox Ointment
Topical scalp psoriasis treatment Comclo Shampoo 0.05%
Human anti-human IL-17A monoclonal antibody Cosentyx for s.c. injection 150mg syringe
Cosentyx for s.c. injection 150mg pen
Local anesthetic patch Penles Tape 18mg
Anti-virus agent Vidarabine Cream 3% (Maruho)
Anti-herpes virus agent Famvir Tablets 250mg
Amenalief Tablets 200mg
Oral penem antibiotic Farom Tablets 150mg
Farom Tablets 200mg
Farom Dry Syrup for Pediatric 10%
Acne vulgaris treatment agent BEPIO Gel 2.5%
Differin Gel 0.1%
Epiduo Gel
Quinolone anti-microbial topical agent Zebiax Lotion 2%
Zebiax Oily Cream 2%
Antifungal agent Astat Cream 1%
Astat Solution 1%
Astat Ointment 1%
Oral allylamine antifungal agent Terbinafine Tablets 125mg (Takata)
Anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) agent STROMECTOL Tablets 3mg
Infantile hemangioma treatment agent Hemangiol Syrup for Pediatric 0.375%
Anti-allergy agent Olopatadine Hydrochloride OD Film 2.5mg (Maruho)
Olopatadine Hydrochloride OD Film 5mg (Maruho)
Asthma treatment agent Asthmolysin M Tablets
Asthmolysin D Tablets
Anti-inflammatory and blood-flow accelerating agent Hirudoid Gel 0.3%
Hemorrhoids treatment agent Posterisan forte (Ointment)
Posterisan F Suppository


Varicella-zoster virus antigen kit DermaQuick VZV

Medical Devices

Medical devices Dermapunch

Skincare Products


Makeup remover Cleansing Emulsion
Facial wash Creamy Foam
Toner for sensitive skin Sensitive Deep Moist Lotion (Medicated)
Toner for acne-prone skin AC Moist Clear Lotion (Medicated)
Milky lotion for sensitive skin Sensitive Moist Barrier Milk (Medicated)
Milky lotion for acne-prone skin AC Moist Clear Milk (Medicated)
Sunscreen UV Protection 
Foundation Liquid Foundation


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