• Providing Information

Providing Information

Providing Information
Adding Value through Information

Better Information Leads to Better Skin

Beyond just product information, Maruho provides patients and medical professionals with various types of information concerning the entire care cycle of dermatological disorders in order to help improve dermatological health of people all over the world.

Expert Sales Rep Certification

Maruho has established an in-house certification system for “expert” pharmaceutical sales representatives, under which we certify only those who can skillfully utilize extensive dermatological knowledge to engage dermatologists on a professional level. This system is effective for enhancing the capacity of our sales reps to provide, collect, and disseminate information.

Enhancement and Differentiation of Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

In order to optimize the use of information, we have arranged specialist staff for products that require more detailed information and engage medical personnel at a deeper level. Additionally, with the collection, transmission and provision of detailed medical information, we will promote the discovery of potential leads for new concepts.

Multimedia Communications

Along with our product information, our Japanese website provides information on dermatological disorders and topical drugs for both medical professionals and patients and their families, including an online Pressure Ulcer Dictionary and Primer on Topical Drugs. We also offer two Japanese radio programs: Nikkei Maruho Dermatological Seminar, Nikkei Pediatric Practice UP-to-DATE, and publish the bilingual Maruho Derma Report, which provides medical personnel involved with dermatological disorders with up-to-date information in English and Japanese.

Keeping Patients and Professionals Informed

The Maruho Pharmaceutical Information Center responds to inquiries about our products from patients and medical professionals around the clock.

Creating Universal Medications

Universal Medication refers to high value added products that are supplemented with comprehensive information based on scientific data. To ensure that medical professionals fully realize the efficacy of our products and prescribe them to patients with complete confidence, we provide specific information about the symptoms that can be best treated with a product, as well as the disorders for which it should not be used, and general information about related conditions.
Our commitment to developing each product into a Universal Medication continues long after launch. In addition to collecting scientific data to refine product profiles in terms of product efficacy and safety, etc., we also gather information on the views of medical professionals and patients regarding product usability. This is then incorporated into improved container/package designs and new dosage forms. We also seek to expand the scope of product usage through developing additional indications. By offering our products together with meaningful information, we intend to make all our products into Universal Medications that will be the best choice for medical professionals.

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