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■ Maruho Deutschland GmbH  Germany  Development of pharmaceutical business■ Maruho America Inc.  USA  Development of pharmaceutical business■ Maruho Medical, Inc.  USA  Manufacture and sales of medical devicesHigh-quality information provision activities that reflect the voices of patientsIn order to contribute widely to society through the pharmaceutical business, we are contributing to dermatology by promoting the dissemination of correct knowledge about various diseases and providing appropriate medical information.In addition, medical representatives (MRs) provide not only Maruho product information, but medical and disease information that contributes to improving QOL responding to the diversifying needs of patients.Developing new businesses through collaborations with group and partner companiesMaruho will develop new businesses in order to respond to people’s desire to live better, beyond treating illnesses and prolonging lives.In addition to the knowledge, we have cultivated through our specialization in dermatology, we will link the strengths of our group companies and promote collaboration with partner companies utilizing their strengths to complement our own. We will contribute to diversifying needs beyond the boundaries of current business regions and areas.Making high-quality contributions to patients around the world in collaboration with global partnersAs the environment surrounding medical drugs in Japan changes drastically, the demand for drugs that meet the “unmet needs” of patients is increasing in Japan and all over the world.Maruho aims to maximize product value by collaborating with global partners and realize contributions to health-focused consumers around the world by leveraging the high-quality information provision capabilities it has cultivated in its Japan business.Providing Information Activities other than medical drugs forskin diseases Global Business Development 08

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