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R&D capabilities rooted in unique know-how centered on topical drugs in dermatologyMaruho is focusing on research and development of medical drugs focusing on topical treatments in dermatology. Maruho’s strength is its high level of late-stage development capabilities, so-called “nurturing capabilities,” including the addition of various dosage forms and indications rooted in its unique external preparation technology. In addition, we have built a system to evaluate One of the best integrated production systems, leading Japan in prescription topical drug production.Since the completion of the Hikone Plant in 1972, our mission has been to provide a stable supply of high-quality topical drugs in order to meet our mission of “ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products and establishing a stable supply system.”We have been actively investing management resources to strengthen our production bases and production systems, aiming to ensure safety and security in our product supply and improve the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients.Research & Development Manufacturing Hikone PlantDrug Development Laboratories(Kyoto)Tateyama Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.Maruho Shonan Innovation Lab (Kanagawa Prefecture)Nagahama PlantDrug Discovery Research Laboratories(Kyoto)Roman Industries Co., Ltd.and verify information collected from networks with researchers and medical sites in Japan and overseas. This has led to the introduction of new products and the creation of unique themes.In order to focus on strengthening the early stage of the R&D process, we regard the results and needs obtained from basic research and clinical practice as “new concepts” that will bring about innovative changes in medical care, not only internally, but also in Japan and overseas. We are advancing R&D in collaboration with companies, academia, research institutes, and venture companies.In the pharmaceutical industry, outsourcing of manufacturing is increasing. However, Maruho continues to maintain an integrated production system from the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) of main products to the final product.In the future, even if some production processes are outsourced to partner companies in Japan or overseas, we will continue production activities to make topical drugs we are proud of. By strengthening our involvement in the transfer of technology and the manufacturing process according to the characteristics of each product, we will ensure high product quality and top-class volume in Japan will be maintained.Business Activities07

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