Maruho Co.,Ltd. Corporate Information

Dermatology 95%Coloproctology 3%Internal Medicine and Others 1%Orthopedic Surgery 1%Ointments, liquids, creams, lotions, gels 79%Oral Drugs12%Injectable Drugs 8%Adhesive Drugs 1%Fiscal 2020Fiscal 202037%■ Market Share for Topical Drugs   in Japan Sales of Prescription   Topical Drugs in Japan■ Prescription Drug Sales   by Dosage Form■ No.1 Sales of Prescription Topical   Drugs in JapanCopyright © 2021 IQVIA.Internal analysis based on IQVIA JPM 2019 Apr-2020 Mar / Unauthorized reproduction prohibitedTopical drugs: ointments, liquids, creams, lotions, gelsAs a specialty pharmaceutical company in the eld of dermatology, Maruho has won a high reputation and trust from dermatologists and pediatricians, and has maintained long-term, stable growth.In the future, we will continue to develop “Maruho-like” businesses while promoting license partnerships with domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies and research institutes.Leader in the Japanese Dermatology MarketMaruho’s Business05SML■ Partner Companies (As of December 2020)※ブランドマーク幅=25mm以上で使用してください。※ブランドマーク幅=15mm以上25mm未満で使用してください。※ブランドマーク幅=15mm未満で使用してください。

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