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198919881987198619851984198319821981198019791978197719761975197419731972197119701969196819671966196519641963196219611960195919581957195619551954195319521951195019151915The Birth of Maruho ShoutenMaruho’s founder, Eikuma Koba, founded “Maruho Shouten” in Doshomachi, Osaka, which was involved in the combined manufacture and wholesale of medicines.1949Established Maruho Shouten Co., Ltd.Eikuma Koba believed that it was important to grow into a company that contributes to the well-being of Japanese society and humankind through pharmaceuticals.Established Maruho Shouten Co., Ltd.1965Launched Posterisan forte OintmentJapan's rst single-use hemorrhoid treatment agent. It is clean, easy to use and is still prescribed for the treatment of patients.1954Launched Hirudoid (currently Hirudoid Cream)Launched Hirudoid made by Luitpold Welk Pharmaceuticals (Germany).At the time, it was used as an anticoagulant and blood circulation promoter for the treatment of orthopedic and surgical diseases.1922ー1977Sale of Asthmolysin StartsDr. Kade Pharmaceutical (Germany)Launched Asthmolysin, an intravenous drug for the treatment of asthma.It became Maruho Shouten’s agship product and contributed to establishing the Maruho brand.Maruho's history began with its founder, Eikuma Koba, who had a long-cherished desire to “Contribute to society through medicine”.Maruho’s mission is to make high-quality contributions to human health, and we will work to further increase Maruho’s value-creating power and aim for sustainable growth.-Eikuma Koba-Eikuma Koba traveled to the United States alone at the age of 26 in 1901 to realize the modernization of medical care in Japan. After that, he founded the predecessor of Maruho, Maruho Shouten, in Doshomachi, Osaka.He was a pioneer medical representative (MR), contributing to the improvement and business expansion of new drugs and new formulations in Japan.From founding to joint-stock companyLeap in the elds of orthopedics and surgery1965Company name changed to Maruho Co., Ltd.In October 1965, the 50th year since its founding, the company name was changed to the current Maruho Co., Ltd.Maruho’s history over 100 years1984ー1993Launched ArteparonLaunched an articular cartilage protective agent as a new product in orthopedics.To establish social contribution eorts as a part of our corporate culture, we are expanding our contributions.2016– Maru-hotto Gift (Matching Gift Plan )Starting in 2015, commemorating Maruho’s 100th anniversary, the “Maru-hotto Gift” supports employees’ sentiments for social contribution. Annually in April, the company designates a number of social and public organizations, NPOs, etc. Employees choose an organization to donate to and the company matches their donation.Maruho’s Social Contributions1968ー2006Launched Mobilat OintmentIt was used by many doctors as Japan’s rst drug to reduce swelling and relieve pain in orthopedic diseases.03

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