Maruho Co.,Ltd. Corporate Information

02PreventionTreatmentAftercareCare cycleExamination/DiagnosisUniversal Medications with Excellent ValueMaruho will add still greater value to all of our products by ensuring their excellent ecacy, safety, quality and usability, and also provide proper supplemental medical information that instills dermatologists with condence in our products. Innovative ConceptsMaruho will analyze and utilize information collected via its Dermatological Network to develop concepts that will revolutionize the dermatological care cycle, then use internal and external resources to brings these concepts to fruition.Basic Management PolicyCorporate MissionCorporate CredoDermatological NetworkMaruho will build a network of patients, medical professionals, and researchers to collect dermatological information from around the world and promote the sharing of related knowledge and research.Contributing to society is our overall missionContributionsWe place our contributions in this important factor of societyHealthWe strive to always increase the quality of our contributionsHigh qualityOur mission is to contribute to better health for people all over the worldExcellence in DermatologyWe are striving to make outstanding contributions in dermatologyLong-Term Vision 2011Corporate Mission, Long-Term Vision and Business AreasExpanded to the entire dermatological care cycleBusiness AreasMaruho’s corporate philosophy consists of its “Corporate Credo,” “Basic Management Policy,” and “Corporate Mission.”We formulated “Long-Term Vision 2011 Excellence in Dermatology”, which shows what we need to aim for in 15 years in order to realize our Corporate Mission. With the following four key phrases: “Dermatological Network,” “Innovative Concepts”, “Universal Medications with Excellent Value,” and “Global Business,” we are striving to make outstanding contributions in dermatology. In our business areas, we have expanded from our focus on therapeutic drug treatment to the entire dermatological care cycle (prevention, examination/diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare). Through the medical drug business, cosmetics business, diagnostic drug business, and medical device business, we aim to meet a wide range of needs related to skin diseases.Corporate MissionGlobal BusinessMaruho will contribute globally to dermatology by collecting new knowledge and research from around the world and integrating it into high value-added products that are based on Innovative Concepts and supplemented by useful information.

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