Maruho Co.,Ltd. Corporate Information

Maruho contributes to many patients with approximately 50 products specializing in dermatology.Prescription Drugs■ Asteatosis■ Acne■ Herpes Virus■ Scabies/intestinal fecal  adenomyosis■ Infantile hemangioma■ Psoriasis■ Atopic DermatitisBlood-flow accelerative/skin-moisturizing agentHirudoid CreamHirudoid Soft OintmentHirudoid LotionHirudoid FoamAtopic dermatitis treatment agentProtopic OintmentPsoriasis vulgaris treatment agent Marduox OintmentAcne vulgaris treatment agentBEPIO Gel Differin Gel Epiduo GelAnthelmintic (anti-parasitic) agent STROMECTOL TabletsAnti-herpes virus agentFamvir TabletsAmenalief TabletsTreatment agent for keratosis including psoriasis vulgaris Oxarol Ointment Oxarol LotionQuinolone anti-microbial topical agentZebiax LotionInfantile hemangioma treatment agentHemangiol Syrup for PediatricOral penem antibioticFarom TabletsHuman anti-human IL-17A monoclonal antibody Cosentyx for s.c. injection penTopical scalp psoriasis treatment Comclo ShampooTopical cortical hormone agent Voalla OintmentVoalla CreamTopical cortical hormone agent Voalla OintmentVoalla Cream09Main Products (As of December 2020)

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