Product Activities

Research &
R&D capabilities rooted in knowledge
and know-how regarding topical drugs
in dermatology
In research and development, Maruho places emphasis on creating new products, which is to say, the ability to create new things.
Maruho is also committed to research and development of medical drugs focusing on topical treatments in dermatology. Maruho’s strength is its capabilities in late-stage development including addition of various dosage forms and indications based on its unique topical drug formulation technology, also known as “nurturing capabilities.” (“Development Pipeline”)
Moreover, taking advantage of its position as a n unlisted company, Maruho allocates investments from a medium-to long-term perspective.
For research and development, we make active investments even in high-risk, high-return projects and rare diseases if they lead to social contributions.
ManufacturingOne of the best integrated production systems
in Japan, pursuing trust from patients
Maruho’s corporate mission is “to contribute to better health for people all over the world.” To this end, ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products and establishing a stable supply system is one of our highest-priority tasks in business management. Since the completion of the Hikone Plant in 1972, to provide a stable supply of highquality topical drugs, we have been actively investing management resources to strengthen our production bases and production systems. Through production of topical drugs, which we boast the top-class production volume in Japan, we have aimed to ensure safety and security in our product supply and improve the QOL of patients.
Providing InformationContributing to dermatology by providing
appropriate information for patients and
medical professionals
In order to contribute to society through our pharmaceutical business, we must not only develop, manufacture, and provide a s table supply of high-quality products but also provide appropriate information for patients and medical professionals. Maruho contributes to improving the QOL of patients with its MRs, who have excellent insight and knowledge about products and diseases, and timely information provision using digital technologies.
Global PresenceContributing to better health for patients
around the world in collaboration
with partners overseas
As the environment surrounding prescription drugs is rapidly changing both in Japan and overseas, expectations for drugs that satisfy the unmet medical needs of patients are growing all over the world. Utilizing the exceptional information provision capabilities it has cultivated in Japan, Maruho aims to maximize product value by collaborating with partners and to contribute to better health for patients around the world.
Activities Other than
Prescription Drugs
for Skin Diseases
Venturing into new businesses
through collaborations with Group companies
and partner companies
In addition to the rising life expectancy in Japan, people’s awareness about health and daily life is changing rapidly and their needs are increasingly diversifying. Maruho’s growth has been driven mainly by its prescription drug business for skin diseases. However, to continue the growth of the entire Maruho Group in the future, collaboration with Group companies and partner companies is essential. By combining strengths of all partner companies, we will venture into new businesses beyond the current operation locations and business areas.
Management Base“New normal,” leading to creativity
As represented by the term VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), the environment surrounding society is changing rapidly, irreversibly, and unpredictably. In particular, the spread of COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lifestyles, including work styles. To make continuous efforts to maximize its corporate value, Maruho flexibly responds to changes in industry and society, and endeavors to establish a management base that allows all employees to work autonomously, creatively, and productively.